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Lander Vikram Chandrayaan-2 ISRO shared Key Details

Hours left to land on Moon

Vikram Lander Vikram

Lander Vikram which is going to land on Moon Surface is the payload that Chandrayaan-2 had carried last month from Sriharikota. After travelling almost 384400 km Vikram Lander is few hours faraway from Moon. And with this India will register itself into history.

Lander Vikram

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) after successfully conducting all the orbital manoeuvre had detached Lander Vikram from the Chandrayaan-2. Now they are going to do soft landing on Moon. This is for the first time ISRO is going to experience a soft landing. That is why fingers have been crossed by scientists. This is the most difficult job of the mission. Lander Vikram has rover Pragayan in it which will study Moon soil after soft landing.
ISRO has chosen the southern part of the moon where no country has gone before. And their mission is to find water on the moon. That is why they chose the southern part because their rays of Sun never reaches. That also makes it more challenging as it the darkest part of the Moon.

Today on Thursday evening before landing ISRO has shared all the details related to Vikram Lander on their twitter official page. In which one can easily see how small pieces of equipment have been put together by scientists and make this lander.

ISRO will do soft landing in the days between Friday and Saturday midnight at around 1:30 or at 2:30

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