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ISRO Chandrayaan-2 About to Create History in Space

PM Modi will witness historic day

ISRO Chandrayaan-2

ISRO Mission Chandrayaan-2 which is on its voyage to the moon is about to reach its final destination. Revolving around the moon is lowering its orbit so that Vikram Lander will get the desired position to land on the moon. Right now while revolving around the moon in the elliptical path it almost comes close to 180 km to the lunar surface and farthest up to 1400 km.

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) successfully launched Chandrayaan-2 on 22nd July 2019 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota. It was the historic day for India and after successfully doing soft landing on moon India will become the fourth country in the world that has reached to the moon.

ISRO has released photographs that Chandrayaan-2 captured on its journey. And also has taken photographs of the moon while manoeuvring around it.

ISRO mission is to land Vikram Lander on the south of the moon where no country has reached till now. Lander has rover in it Pragyan which after soft landing will come out and look for traces of water and soil on moon. Also, collect data which ISRO scientist will access and research on it.

The southernmost part of the moon has not received sunlight so the possibility of having water there is promising. It was Chandryaan-1 which has traced the presence of water on the moon and inspired scientist to go for another mission. Now that the moment is about to come to India and the whole world is looking at it eagerly. Discovery of water will change the whole discourse and make way for the future civilization on the moon.

Prime minister Narendra Modi along with two government school student from Uttar Pradesh will witness this historic day together. For this ISRo has written a letter to the UP government to conduct quiz contest for selection. Both will join PM Modi at Bangalore ISRO control room.

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