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Pathankot City

A City Uniting three States

Pathankot, known for its location is a beautiful destination in itself. Connecting mountains with plain, it is the city reflecting the culture and traditions of three states. It is connects Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab.

Pathankot has taken the title of 9th populous district in the state. It has an area of which internationally borders with Pakistan. It is located on the foothills of Kangra and serves as a good market place for those staying in the areas near to it. It has managed well in making itself counted among the best districts of Punjab.

Three languages are spoken over here. One of them is Dogri which is the language of Jammu and Kashmir, second is Himachali and third one is Punjabi, spoken by the majority.

The kind and affectionate people of Pathankot are the symbol of the hospitality it offers. It also holds a good reputation towards the safety of women. It is a good place for education with almost 20 schools and well equipped colleges. Rich in ethics and spirituality Pathankot stands good in traditions.

A large part of its area is covered with Army and Air Force. There are 4 police stations available in the city, always ready for support. The well managed administrative and judicial blocks are one of its point to be noted down in its qualities.

It has good transportation facilities with one bus stand in the centre of the city, a Railway Station (Main) near to it and the other (Pathankot Cantt) one near the National Highway 44.

Moving with a speed to meet the technological advancement, Pathankot will soon be counted among the developed cities.

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