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China and Pak Using Sentiments as UNSC Statement: Akbaruddin

UNSC Released No Official Statement

China and Pakistan

China and Pak representative in the Unite Nation yesterday after the commencement of unofficial meeting put out a very harsh statement against India. Moreover, Chinese counterpart Zhang Jun in his statement tried to say that UNSC has shown serious concern about what is going on in Kashmir. He also added that India should refrain taking any unilateral action as it may aggravate the matter. He tries to speak on behalf of UNSC chairman and added that the chairman is worried about the human right violation. In his whole brief, he can be seen as if he is representing the UNSC council.

On the other hand Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan permanent representative at the United Nation also accused India of the abrogation of Article 370 of Indian constitution. Mrs Lodhi recently can be seen in a video, in which person of Pakistan origin blaming her for doing corruption has vast records of presenting fake documents and photographs in UNSC. She in her brief expressed here gratitude to China and UNSC for raising this issue on short notice by Foreign Minister of Pakistan. After almost 50 years Pakistan able to call for an unofficial meeting in UN on Kashmir issue. And she was satisfied with this achievement.

On the contrary, Syed Akbaruddin, India permanent representative in the United Nation completely destroyed China and Pakistan narrative in his press brief. Firstly he said, “China and Pak representatives have tried to express national sentiments as the will of the international community”. But the situation is a little different. If UNSC had passed any statement it would have come through his chairman. Which certainly UNSC council has not released.

UNSC on Kashmir, What Permanent Members have to Say

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