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UNSC on Kashmir, What Permanent Members have to Say

Kashmir in UN after 50 Years

UNSC on Kashmir

UNSC United Nation Security Council, which has five permanent members and ten non-permanent members. Five permanent members are America, Russia, England, France and China. And non-permanent members are Germany, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia, Ivory Coast, Dominican Republic, Peru and South Africa. Latter members changes after fix tenure. This year Poland is the head of the Security Council and because of no support.

China has asked for a closed-door meeting. Reporters will not be able to get access to this meeting.

Also, Foreign minister of Pakistan Shah Mehmood Qureshi had expressed his concerns with UNSC. In his press brief, he openly said that the International community is not going to support us on Kashmir issue. Still, Pakistan is adamant in raising this issue at the UN.

In this Security Council, permanent members have the power to veto any resolution passed by the council in the wake of any reason. The meeting UNSC has called is Unofficial and they have called it to express UN official stand on the abrogation of article 370. Indian has cleared his stance that the UN has no right to interfere as both parties have signed agreements to resolve this issue bilaterally. Simla agreement and Lahore declaration signed by both India as well as Pakistan agreed that no other parties will interfere in this matter.

Out of Five permanent members, two have backed India i.e. America and Russia. Although, USA president Donald Trump has expressed his interest in acting as an arbitrator. But also said that both parties should resolve it diplomatically.
France has not said anything on this issue.
Whereas England, on the other hand, is the one who created this problem. Current prime minister Boris Johnson Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, expressed his “concern” but also an emphasis on resolving this issue diplomatically.
China is the only member who has raised his voice in this matter. However, due to Aksai Chin, many consider china as the party in Jammu and Kashmir.

Pakistan Fake News Factory in the wake of Abrogation of Article 370


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