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Visiting the Dentist

Teeth Care

Why we afraid from dentists?

We all are afraid from dentists because in mind, it will pain a lot like we all have seen in videos. That’s why we avoid dentist till our problems become big and teeth are paining or almost rotten. Our wrong belief leads to teeth decay in early age because we are afraid to go to dentist for simple painless filling. Soon the cavity becomes deep and nerves are involved and we need root canal treatment because of our fault.

Is Root canal treatment pains a lot?

Root canal treatment seems like a very big operation or something like that and we think it pains a lot during process but it is not true at all. It is a 30 min small operation where doctor removed the decayed tooth and blood vessels and nerves under local anesthesia so not even a little pain. After cleaning the decayed tooth and removing pulp of tooth the cavity is closed with a filling.

The patient is given painkillers and antibiotics for preventing any discomfort after 1 week or so there is capping of the tooth. Capping also seems like what will be done? Will it pain? No it wont. It is process of taking impression of teeth and applying cap on rct teeth to prevent it from any damage and make it last longer. On first visit impression of both upper and lower teeth are taken then cap is made by lab people which applied after it comes from lab. Cap will keep tooth safe and reform the tooth.

Its my request to everyone please visit dentist as soon as u feel any discomfort in teeth or u feel cavity forming. The sooner it is detected and treated the less longer is process and less expensive. Rct is not cheap along with capping average it cost from 3000 to up to 12000 depending on type of crown and location of the dentist.

We do not teach kids properly about brushing in young age so they do not take care of their teeth in teenage and due to fast food this leads to early decaying of teeth and it becomes deep very fast.

What we should do to prevent decays

  • Teach the practice of brushing at night compulsory to all children.
  • Avoid using tooth picking as much u can it is the biggest cause of the problem.
  • Use toothpaste with protective factors like Colgate or Pepsodent.
  • Regularly visit dentist like once a year for routine check-up.
  • After every meal do gargles.

Keep smiling always and take care of teeth to enjoy life fullest and eating tasty food without any problems.

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