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Corona Virus Cases Today and What We Should Do.

Infectious Disease

Corona virus has become a very big disease affecting over a million people in India itself. We are taking this serious condition very lightly because it has become a routine thing. Everyday cases increase but the fear decrease.

It causes damage to lungs which is irreversible and shortens the life of affected patients.

Some common symptoms of disease are :

  • High fever (most common)
  • Cough, difficulty in breathing
  • Joint pain
  • Weakness
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste and smell

Any of these should raise an alarm and you should visit the doctor immediately and isolate yourself from family and friends.

India imposed lock-down very early but still cases are so high because it is very infectious disease and one person can infect hundreds of people without even knowing. So should we be worried? Yes it is increasing rapidly we should be worried but not afraid. We should be more cautious in doing our regular work like when visiting any store or market don’t even think to go out without mask and after coming back we should use alcohol based sanitizer at the gate only and sterilize what we brought.

Maintain gap from people during outing and if see anyone coughing leave that place immediately. It seems a lot but it’s the only thing that is going to get us out of this horrible time. We should not force children to go to tuition. Elders should stay inside as they are more vulnerable to catch infection.

Indian people have stigma that what will people think if they got their test done. This thinking needs to be changed. It is the reason why many infected people go untreated and infection spreads. We should not think what people will think. If anyone thinks they got infected they should get test done as early as possible and get treatment to make sure their loved ones stay safe.

What should we do :

  • Take full precautions everywhere.
  • If any symptoms get the test done.
  • Don’t travel unless very important.
  • Keep check on cases in your area and stay cautious as much possible.
  • Avoid visiting public places like restaurants and malls etc.
  • Buy ration for emergency scenarios like if again lockdown is imposed.

I hope everyone thinks about their selves and their family and take every precaution and get tested If any doubt. Stay strong in this hard time and enjoy in the bright future which is about to come soon. Again I would say have a safe time at home rather than risk time outside.

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