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Vegetarian food choices for diabetics

Vegetarian food choices for diabetics

Eating healthy and eating right is the essence of lowering blood sugar level. We take a look at diabetes friendly vegetables that helps control diabetes.

These are top 10 super foods for diabetics.

Besides being low in glycemic index, these vegetables also provide nutrients and vitamins. The diabetic diet vegetables are rich in these:

1) Fibre
2) Vitamin A
3) Postassium
4) Magnesium
5) Calcium

It is important to stay away from starchy vegetables. So this will exclude your potatoes and corn. Non starchy vegetables also satiate you to a greater capacity. For a balanced and healthy vegetarian diet it should be colourful, mix vegetables and include fruits, beans, whole grains and fat-free dairy.


Beans are the best and diabetes-friendly ingredient. It is low is calories, good source of protein and is high in fibre, potassium and magnesium.

Fat-free dairy:

It is recommended to consume fat-free dairy for diabetics. Dairy is rich source for vitamin D and best way to strengthen the bones and teeth.

Whole grains:

Whole grains provide fibre especially barley and oats. Whole grains also contain Omega 3, folate, magnesium, potassium and chromium.


Lycopene present in tomatoes is essential to fight diseases. Plus tomatoes are a good source of iron, vitamin C, E and K. You can consume tomatoes in any form – sauce, puree or whole. Processed and canned tomato products may be unhealthy as it contains high levels of sodium.

Sweet potatoes:

It may be a starchy ingredient, but it is low in glycemic index and rich in fibre and vitamin A. Sweet potatoes makes a great snack as well as a puree.


Nuts like walnuts provide essential Omega 3 fatty acids. Nuts keeps you satiated for a long time, and provide you with necessary fats. Nuts also contain fibre which is good for digestion and heart health.

Leafy vegetables:

Dark leafy vegetables are a great way to reduce insulin production. It is also low in calories, high in fibre and rich in potassium. Dark leafy vegetables also a good source for iron. Diabetes friendly vegetables are spinach, broccoli, cabbage, etc.

Bell peppers:

Bell peppers or capsicum are available in different colours but they also provide vitamin A and C, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and fibre.


Mushroom does not contain sugar and good source for vitamin D. It is also fat free hence great for those trying to reduce cholesterol.


Brinjal or eggplant can reduce the risk of diabetes-induced retinal haemorrhage. Brinjal is also effective to reduce cholesterol.

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