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Top 7 winter workout motivators

winter workout motivators

With the dip in temperatures, your everyday exercise takes a backseat. Here are ways you can stay inspired to work out during the colder months

The dark and chilly winter mornings de-motivate you from getting up for a run or a walk. But you can’t just stop working out because the weather’s turned. Ziauddin Khan, a fitness expert, says “It is crucial to improvise your workout routine and make it fun and exciting during the winter so that you do not stray from your goal.”

Choose a winter sport

The best way to work out in this weather is to choose a sport which is popular during this time. There are so many games that you can play, the popular ones being badminton and cricket.

Seasonal gear is important

As the season changes, we all tend to alter our wardrobe. You must do the same for your workout as well. Having appropriate workout gear that looks good on you and keeps you warm is a must. Not only will it keep you safe from getting a cold but also inspire you to work out during this season.

Go off to bed early

If you hit the bed early, you will also get up early the next morning. Ensure that you get enough time to rest so that you are ready to exercise the following day.

Warm-up is crucial

Althea Shah, fitness expert, says, “A proper warm-up is important before you start exercising. Cold temperatures can make your muscles tight and therefore they are more prone to injuries.”

Warming up your body prepares itself for exercise both physically as well as mentally. Warm-ups concentrate on the muscles and allow them to stretch.

Remember your goal

During the winter, we often feel lazy to wake up and keep postponing our workout. Plan your workout in a way that it keeps you feeling motivated. Don’t opt for something that you will not be able to follow. Altering your workout routine during each season will not only keep you going but will also ensure that you stick to your every day workouts.

Opt for indoor exercises

The best way to stay encouraged to workout during the winter is by choosing to workout indoors. Usually when it’s foggy in the morning, going for a walk seems out of the question. Thus compensate your hour-long walk with a 45-minute of free hand exercises or an hour extra at the gym. This way you won’t end up feeling guilty or wasted.

Don’t give up

If you’ve missed your work- out or diet for a day, don’t allow it all away and binge. Accept that you’ve missed your target and have to work harder to make up for the loss the following day.

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