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Simple tips to de-stress in minutes

de-stress in minutes

Familiar with that unpleasant feeling when you feel helpless to handle things any more and the whole world seems to crash?

Well, it could seem that your mind is playing games but actually, you are being attacked by the stress hormone cortisol, the body’s defense mechanism. While some of us may be better at handling it than others, all of us would have experienced the emotion to different degrees at some point or the other. And the worst part is that it could strike at the most inopportune moment, in the middle of a meeting, while working on an important project, or while having a decisive argument with your spouse.

All is not lost, however, there are ways with which you can destress and regain your composure in a matter of minutes. Check out how:

Pause, find a window or any space away from where you are now, and take deep breaths.

The idea is to stall the attack of the stress hormones. A series of deep breaths can calm you down instantly, but make sure that you don’t think about the issue at hand while doing this.

Plug on the music
Keep a list of tracks ready which can instantly soothe you and distract you. A few minutes of listening to your favourite track and you will find yourself much better equipped to deal with any problem.

Talk to someone
There is nothing better than talking to the person sitting next to you at work or any trusted friend when you feel stress taking over. Even if you talk about inconsequential things, you will feel calmer. And if you find yourself all alone, nothing better than calling up your mother.

There is a solution
Get out of the pre-conceived notion that you are doomed. Realise that every problem has a solution, and finding it is what you should focus your energies on.

Step out
If it’s possible, step outdoors for a few minutes. Any excuse is permissible here, to use the washroom or a smoke. Observe the people on the street for a few minutes, or look up at the sky. You will suddenly get a different perspective on things.

If none of these work, consult a good physician who can prescribe medication and therapy, if you feel that stress is making your daily life exhausting. Whatever you do, realise that everyone is entitled to happiness and a sense of well being and you too deserve your share.

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