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Rahul Gandhi Confirms Resignation, Asked Fresh Election

Congress President Crisis

Rahul gandhi

Rahul Gandhi, Sticking with his decision confirmed that he is not the current president of the Indian National Congress party. He has also asked to hold an election for a fresh appointment.

Addressing the delay on issue Mr Gandhi said I m not involved in the process, the party has already stretched the matter. Elections should have conducted one month ago. I had submitted my resignation and currently, I am not the president of the Indian National Congress.

Rahul Gandhi took this decision after facing defeat in Lok Sabha election. After claiming moral responsibility he has been firm on his decision since then.

In 2019 election Rahul Gandhi fought from two seats that is Amethi in Uttar Pradesh and Wayanad in Kerala. From which he lost the election in Amethi and won from Wayanad. Amethi from where not only he but also his father late Shri Rajeev Gandhi and his grandfather late Shri Jawahar Lal Nehru had won the election, lost against Smriti Irani.
Which many believe is the biggest jolt to Congress party. BJP which in 2019 General Election has come up as strongest party in India completely out passed INC. Congress at its lowest point facing a leadership crisis.


Organizational crisis, their party workers are feeling demoralized and lethargic. Stepping down from the post at this time may harm Mr Gandhi image as well as his political career.

Senior members and leaders understand this and tried every effort to revive his interest.

But he is adamant oh his decision and wants election for the new president

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