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UNESCO World Heritage Site declaration process

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UNESCO world heritage

UNESCO, United Nation Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization is an agency of the UN (United Nation). And its headquarter is in Paris, capital of France.

The main task of this organization is to promote education, culture and science among people of the world.

It has 193 members and 11 associate members.

It also declares various heritage sites that need to be preserved. As these sites represent the cultures of different nations.

In India, UNESCO has also declared 37 sites

Indian history is full of cultural and heritage sites, here since Indus valley civilization culture is flourishing and needs preservation.

UNESCO helps in many ways preserving our golden culture.

Our cultural value mainly contains paintings, Architecture, Poetry, and Natural vegetation which represent the true face of our culture.

What UNESCO has given definition is the place on earth that enhances the universal value of humanity


heritage sites are the past which we one can see or observe in present.

Under international treaties, these sites are irreplaceable and unique sites.

Criteria for listing sites among World Heritage Sites as follow

1. It has to be a masterpiece and should represent culture.

2. Should represent human values over a period of time and architectural design, unique town planning or designs.

3. The site should contain signs of civilization that is living or has lived in the past.

4. A building must have extraordinarily built design. Besides, it should also represent the history of the evolution of human age during its time interval.

Criteria for Natural sites

1. Natural sites must have diverse species and natural beauties.

2. Should contain symbols of earth natural changes, proofs of lives, current geographical changes

3. Especially, if it contains endangered species or natural habitat it fulfils the requirement.

Benefits in listing as a world heritage site

Gets recognized all over the world. And along with it environmentalists, NGOs pushes money to save these site.

Tourism also increases, national as well as at the international level. Which helps government generating revenues and employment.


countries governments, signatories of the Geneva Convention, who are bound to protect natural habitats and poaching also take part in saving these sites.

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