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PM Modi Reprimand Newly Elected Law Maker

Jailed lawmaker no repenet

PM Modi Kailash vijavargiya

PM Modi, on Tuesday at BJP Parliamentary meeting showed his vexation against the conduct of newly elected lawmaker. the son of senior party leader Kailash Vijayvargiya, Akash Vijayvargiya hitting government officer with
cricket bat.

there has been news in media since morning that party is looking forward to taking strict action against him.

Modi along with 45 lawmakers this morning at his residence starts “discipline sessions”.

where they have discussed on the various issue. Along with the controversy that created last week when Akash Vijayvargiya hits the official with a cricket bat on camera.

Which made him visit jail but when released on bail showed no repent also his supporters fire gunshots in air publicly after HC granted bail to him. This whole scenario was captured on mobile video and went viral on social media.

After that

Kailash Vijayvargiya senior party leader and father of lawmaker welcomed him with garlands and instead of deploring the whole incident, he was defending his son action

PM scold vijayvargiya

PM Modi stated “If we have to lose an MLA, so be it. We have to set an example to prevent a repeat, Whoever it may be, whoever’s the son he may be, such arrogance, misbehaviour cannot be tolerated and the action should be taken against them,” As per NDTV report.

PM Modi in meeting especially quoted Akash Vijayvargiya exact words

that is

“Nivedan, Aavedan, Danadan”

which means the first request then violence
and asked

“What kind of language is this”

It is highly anticipated that strict action will be taken against him. It is expected that BJP will expel him and set an example for others.

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