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Pathankot AirSpace Echoed of Abhinandan Flight

First Flight since Balakot

Pathankot air space abhinandan

Pathankot Air Space on Monday morning becomes the playground of IAF Chief BS Dhanoa and Abhinandan. Both take off from Pathankot airbase in MIG 21 Trainer and this was IAF chief last flight as Chief of IAF.

While briefing the press chief did not forget to mention about his last sortie. He said

“This is my last sortie on a fighter jet. Both of us have two things in common – first, both of us ejected and second, both of us have fought Pakistanis. I fought in Kargil, he fought after Balakot. And third, I’ve flown with his father. It’s an honour for me to do my last sortie in the IAF, in a fighter aircraft, with his son,”

Pathankot Air Space IAF Chief

Abhinandan, who shot down F16 in February this year while countering Pakistan air force. With his MIG 21 Bison, he shot down US finest jet. Although Pakistan never acknowledges this harsh truth IAF has proof and has also shared with media. After shooting down F16 his jet got hit and he ejected himself. Unfortunately due to air his parachute flown into Pakistan side and got captured by Pakistan army. Due to swiftness and instant reach out by Indian Government Pakistan released him under Geneva Convention.

Today both Dhanoa and Abhinandan fly MIG two-seater Russian origin jet. After coming back to India Abhinandan medical was conducted by IAF and this was his first flight since the February attack.

Abhinandan has trimmed down his moustache and looking completely different in his new look.

He spent almost 60 hours in Pakistan got VIR CHAKRA gallantry award for his courage on 73 Independence day. On 23 August he officially joined his duty back and is in the form to face any adversary.

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