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Dengue Spreading After Deluge of Heavy Rain

Health Department Ready to Face adversary


Dengue cases in Punjab are in upsurge after heavy rainfall and floods. Dengue mosquitos mainly produce in fresh stranded water. And after monsoon chances of fresh stranded water also rises. Taking cognizance health department in Punjab has started a campaign “DRY DAY FRIDAY”. Under this government official, NGOs and residents are taking part in the mass awareness program. For which they have also chosen a date, 8th September.

Seeing the menace and the number of diseases a mosquito can cause department looks prepared this year. So far they have surveyed almost 6 lakh house in Patiala only. In which almost 6000 house has been marked where larva of dengue mosquito has been found.

However, the numbers of cases are very less this year in Punjab state however, as the rains have stopped chances of the outbreak is very likely.

From September onwards the health department has asked the hospitals to keep a separate ward free for dengue patients.

This year the health department is fully equipped and ready to handle any fallout.

But public awareness is also required. Every week do check around your house, whether there is any stranded fresh eater source or not. Empty pots if there is water in it. Pour oil into the water if emptying is not possible.
After all, precaution is better than cure.


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