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Pathankot, Rajnath Singh Formally Instate Apache Choppers

IAF New Beast

Pathankot Rajnath Singh Apache

Pathankot: Rajnath Singh, Defense Minister of India is formally going to instate Apache AH-64E at Pathankot on 3rd of September. US Boeing made Apache attack helicopter whose first batch delivered two weeks ago at Hindan airbase will officially be deployed at Pathankot base. And till next order, it is going to be Apache base for the years to come.

Even the Pathankot civil population is also excited to see world-class attack helicopters flying above their air space. In total eight out of 22 helicopters deal to buy in 2015 AH-64E are going to station in Pathankot. By 2020 Boeing will hand over all the helicopters to Indian Air Force (IAF).
IAF eagerly waiting for these choppers as currently, they have only 32 squadrons of fighters. But they need 42 squadrons to face and protect both western and eastern border at the same time. Surely these 22 will not make much difference but at least can provide them with some buffer.

Apache Pathankot

IAF Chief B. S. Dhanoa on Tuesday stated that Indian IAF is flying four decades old when no one drives even cars which is that old. This describes the condition IAF is facing and he gave this statement in the presence of Defense Minister which certainly describes how serious the situation is.

Instead of direct combat, IAF is going to use helicopters for delivering heavy loads in mountainous regions of Ladhak.

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