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Orbiter Chandrayaan-2 will spend Seven years Around Moon

Vikram did hard landing

Orbiter Chandrayaan-2

Orbiter Chandrayaan-2 which is revolving around moon is going to spend almost seven and a half year. Before this news, many were saying it has the life span of one year only. But yesterday ISRO director K Sivan confirmed that orbiter has the fuel for almost seven-year. It is the news that surely had sent a soothing effect in scientist fraternity. Future projects related to the moon are going to get a boost with this. Presence of any kind of satellite on the moon before launching any mission can play a vital role. It can send data about the condition and environment on the moon. And also can track the whole journey which we didn’t have this time.

Along with with it ISRO director also revealed that Orbiter has taken a thermal image of Vikram Lander. It has landed 500m away from the projected site of landing. ISRO also fears that Vikram instead of doing soft landing has done hard one. And the communication devices mounted on his head has been damaged during the impact. It is expected that ISRO will release photos of the Vikram lander within few days.

Now that chances of getting signal are very less still ISRO will try for the next 14 days. After that lunar night will start on moon southern part and contacting Lander will become impossible. Although possibilities of contacting Lander are very bleak still there is hope as space is full of possibilities.

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