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Narendra Modi Followers on Twitter reached Fifty Million

Ranked number three in world

Narendra Modi Followers on Twitter
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Narendra Modi followers on twitter, a social media site reached fifty million. Very much active on social media sites this is for the first time Indian leader has reached on that level. Few followers behind the US President Donald Trump who has 68 Million followers. Narendra Modi who is also considered as modern generation leader has also account on other sites as well. On facebook site, he has 44 million and on Instagram, he has 25 million followers.

He started using social media accounts in the year 2009. He was chief minister of Gujarat at that time. Also since that, he has been very active on sites and usually can be seen interacting with people directly. Modi famous for keeping a distance from mainstream media always says he likes to directly contact with people. And social media provides him with that opportunity. Also seems to me he does not like two-way communications. Patience level of Narendra Modi is very low. It can be seen in a number of interviews when he was CM of Gujarat where he had left interviews in between. Also, opposition blames that he gives scripted interviews only.

Besides that the list topped by former US president Barack Obama with 108 million followers. He is still the most popular and followed the leader on social media.


Man Vs Wild, Bear Grylls and PM Narendra Modi

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