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Chandrayaan 2, India Giant Leap in Space Exploration

ISRO exploration

Chandrayaan 2

Chandrayaan 2, ISRO’s second lunar exploration mission after successfully concluding chandrayaan 1, ready to launch on 15 July 2019 early morning 2:51 am. In it, the most important mission of 2019 ISRO has tested everything and very optimistic about their mission.

3800kg lift mass in which 2379 kg is the weight of the equipment going along with it. In which the weight of the

Lander whose name is VIKRAM is 1471kg and mission duration is 15 days which is one day on the moon.

Lander carrying Rover Pragyan of weight 27kg will go out on moon surface and look for water on the moon.

chandrayaan 2 3

GSLV- MK- 3 launch vehicle nowadays famous with its other name “BHAUBALI” ready to take chandrayaan 2 into space.

It is so far most powerful rocket ISRO is going to use.

And for the first time will land on the SOUTHERN part of the MOON. Where till now no country among the 4 countries, successfully landed on moon has gone.

Days before the 50th anniversary of the Neil Armstrong, the first person who steps on the moon on 20th July 1969, India will launch chandrayaan-2. ISRO first LUNAR LANDING MISSION

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