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Oneplus 7t vs oneplus 8 which should you buy ?

Oneplus 7t vs oneplus 8 which should you buy ?

Oneplus is a company that launches phones within few months after releasing a phone. No doubt phones are good with high end specifications but most things remain the same.

Recently oneplus has launched its new phones oneplus 8 and oneplus 8 pro which are priced at 44,999 and 54999 respectively. Both phones have great screens with quad hd resolution and higher refresh rates compared to ordinary 60 hz display.
But the question is should a person buy old oneplus 7t or new oneplus 8?

Both phones have same screen size 6.55 inches and same refresh rate of 90 hz but price difference between 2 is about 10,000 rs which is a big difference. Oneplus 8 has 5g support which 7t doesn’t have which does not matter as it is not coming soon to india.

What is same between two? Both have tripple back camera with same specs 48mp main sensor, 16mp ultrawide selnsor , oneplus 8 has 2mp macro sensor for close shots of miniature objects whereas 7t has 12mp telephoto lens for zoomed pictures. Both have 16mp selfie cameras. Both support 4k video recording. Both have latest android versions. Both have same screen size, resolution and refresh rate(90hz). Both have same under display fingerprint sensor. Same 30 watt fast charging.

What is different between two? Oneplus 8 has new snapdragon 865 processor whereas 7t has snapdragon 855+ both have Similar performance. Oneplus 8 has bigger battery 4300 mah battery whereas 7t has 3800 mah battery these are major differences which doesn’t make a lot of difference.

Conclusion if money is not a issue go for oneplus 8 at 44,999. But if u want to get top specs at a power price and slight increase in battery does not matter then go for oneplus 7t at 34,999.

Both phones are great and premium.

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