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How to focus on studies more

How to focus on studies more

Studying is an essential part of one’s youth and is important for bright future and getting good earning job. Due to lockdown we are becoming lazy day by day and our schedule is a mess. We have become unproductive and lazy and ignoring our studies like we don’t have exams after this.

How to be productive and study well or do our work well??

There is no rocket science in concentrating at work but we have a lot of distractions which we are not able to avoid. Most of us think to do our work or study but after 10 minutes we find ourselves using mobile phone for 5 minutes and then we loose track of time and 5 minutes become 50 minutes and those become hours and this leads to disappointment so we leave the work and say ‘we will it tomorrow with full concentration’. Does it sound familiar??

Well now I am going to tell you about a very simple and effective method i.e pomodoro technique.

Sounds very fancy but is very simple. In this we make a target of what we want to do. For example reading 100 pages of a book or completing 4 assignments. We divide the work into small intervals and after completing small targets treat ourselves with a short break and some snacks. Like 100 pages can be divided into 25,25,25,25 and after reading 25 pages a break is a reward. This is a very effective method to be productive.

During this lockdown try this and become productive. Don’t forget to take a break and wash our hands for 20 seconds 😁. Try this and complete your work at time.

Be home be safe.

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