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Man Vs Wild, Bear Grylls and PM Narendra Modi

under the clouds of Pulwama Attack

Man Vs Wild: Narendra Modi, Prime minister of world largest democratic country appeared yesterday on the show of Discovery channel, Man Vs Wild. The show is very popular among Americans as well as all around the world. The show host “Edward Michael Grylls” famous by his show name “Bear Grylls” displays survival tactics in wild. He is a former British (SAS- Special Air Service) serviceman, Survival Instructor and honorary lieutenant-colonel. Besides that, he hosts this show and a very profound writer.

Man Vs Wild 1

Before Shooting with PM Narendra Modi he has also got the chance to shoot with former President Barack Obama. Yesterday show shooting took place in at Jim Corbett National Park, Uttrakhand in the month of February this year. Park has also revealed that they have earned Rs 1.26 lakh from the discovery channel show that aired yesterday.

Narendra Modi famous for his versatile nature and activities has stunned the nation with his new avatar. No one has ever expected one will see an Indian politician with this enthusiasm. PM Modi has the nature of exploring things, before becoming the Chief Minister of Gujarat he has served as RSS Endorser ( Rashtriya Swayam Sewak) and had to spend much time in the Himalayas into the wild. And he can be seen in the show sharing his past experiences with Bear Grylls.

PM Modi has Claimed he has taken 1st holiday in 18 years to be on his show
On the question asked by Bear Grylls, have you ever dreamt of becoming PM, His answer was

Man Vs Wild 3

“I was the chief minister of a state first. I worked as a chief minister for 13 years, which was a new journey for me. Then my country decided I needed to do this job. So I have been doing this for the last five years,”
“But the focus has been always been on one thing and that is development. And I am satisfied with that job. Today, if I consider this time as a vacation, then I must say I am taking a vacation for the first time in 18 years,”

Controversy with the show is that when the shooting was going on, at the same time Pulwama Attack took place. Many who opposes Narendra Modi adamant in convincing people that show has made on the dead bodies of 45 soldiers who lost their life.


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