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Lose weight at home through these 5 simple hacks!

Lose weight at home

Losing weight is one of the main problems faced by people of all age groups. What everyone will definitely agree upon is that the entire process of reducing that belly is tiresome!

Going to the gym, dieting, controlling those persistent temptations and hunger pangs and then feeling guilty on your cheats – it can surely make you feel low. Sometimes, you don’t even feel like going to the gym or joining a fitness class.

However, there are certain tips you can follow to maintain a healthy weight right at home! Yes, you can follow these hacks alongside your gymming or just simply do these alone to balance it out.

Listed below are the 5 simple hacks that are guaranteed to simplify the process of losing weight!

1. Keep a food diary

Make a daily note of every meal you eat. Even the in-between “snacks”. When you do this, you are likely to feel guilty and reduce your unhealthy food intake. Try this for a month and notice how much more weight you lose compared to the previous month.

2. Have an early dinner:

Finish your main meals by 7.30 pm and ensure that you have a light dinner. If you feel hungry again, have a glass of milk, an apple or just munch on some nuts.

3. Eat slowly:

Don’t just gobble up all your food. Eat it slowly. Enjoy every bite by relishing every little spurt of flavour. This is called ‘mindful eating’. If you do this, you’ll feel fuller sooner. You are likely to eat more when you gobble your food.

4. Do domestic chores:

Mopping the floor, cleaning the bathroom, whatever makes you do some moving around, really, can be done. This will keep you on the move, you’ll be able to complete your chores and will help you lose weight too!

5. Eat in smaller plates:

This trick will ensure that you reduce your daily intake of food. When you use smaller plates, you’ll be forced to take smaller portions or smaller helpings of food.

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