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Increase height, the natural way!

Increase height

Worried about your child’s height? Include these tips to help them gain inches.

Many teenagers are worried about their personality and height plays an important role in it. Right from young childhood to the teens – growing years are the best to help your child to increase their height and this can be done in a pure natural way.

Balanced Diet
Lay an emphasis on a good diet which includes milk and milk products apart from fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis. Not only does milk add to the overall health but it contains essential minerals like calcium which is necessary to improve bone health by increasing the bone minerals and bone mass. Add cheese, yoghurt, paneer in various forms in the daily menu.

Drink Water
Keep your children away from all caffeinated drinks, carbonated drinks and make sure that they drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day. This increases body metabolism and rids it of toxins thus improving digestion while helping faster growth of bones.

Adequate Sleep
It has been proved that when the body is at sleep, it grows and proper rest regenerates tissues, thus sleep is very necessary in a growing body. A warm bath ensures sound sleep and at least 8 to 11 hours of deep sleep can help one reach their maximum height.

Simple Exercises
Encourage your child to be physically fit and have an active childhood by involving them in sports activities and regular exercises. Picking up a sport like cricket, football, basketball, volleyball, tennis, swimming along with simple stretching exercises and using hanging bars, skipping ropes is a good way to keep the body physically active.

Proper breathing practices release the stress which in turn removes the obstacles that stunt growth. There are also a number of specific yoga postures which help in gaining height the right way.

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