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How to Lose Weight in Lockdown

COVID-19 Stay at Home: Stay Safe, Stay Healthy

lose weight

Fitness freaks we have become in this busy life. Most of us have joined fitness centres. But what should we do in lockdown when gyms are closed but we want to stay fit and healthy. The answer is very simple make your home your arena and utilize the free time we have for ourselves.

Many of us are concerned with looking good and fit. For that we need to maintain proper body weight for our age group. In lockdown we are free whole day and most of Indians are fond of eating fried food.

How to lose weight and stay healthy in lockdown??

It is very simple first we need to monitor our calorie intake. At first it seems complicated how we will monitor our calorie intake it must be difficult but its not so. Many applications are available for our smart phones like ‘Samsung Health’ which have inbuilt food items and calorie content of different foods we just need to search what we are eating and rest work will be done by the app. This is the best way to monitor calories we are taking limit our calories below 2000 kcal we won’t gain any weight. If we want to lose weight keep calories below 1500 kcal.

Eating green leafy vegetables and not eating fried food will help in controlling our calorie intake.

Calories should be monitored what else we can do. We can try to exercise 3 time a day for 30 mins each time.

Exercises are very essential to lose weight. If we want to lose abdominal fat jumping, planking, crunches, leg raise are to be done. For proper guidance we can get help from YouTube which has a lot of videos from experts guiding how to perform different exercises.

These 2 are best way to stay fit during this time but we should remember not going out of our home. Bathing and washing hands after exercise is highly recommended.

Eat healthy food and exercises are the key to lose weight and staying fit in lockdown.

About Author:
My name is Gursimrat from Bathinda. I am final year MBBS student I would like to share right information with people of my society and be as much helpful as possible.

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