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Ray of hope : Covid-19

We need your help to save the world

Ray of hope Covid-19

After Every dark night, there comes a beautiful day!

Covid-19 pandemic has taken a new turn of its fate. After the long struggle of almost 3 months, something good has come into account. Yet no vaccine has still being approved , there are two things that can make u smile:

  • Some renounced hospitals of India , like PGI Chandigarh and All India Institute of medical sciences, Delhi has tried a medication that was initially used on cancer or leprosy patient on critical patient of Covid-19 and found good results
  • Secondly, Plasma of treated Covid-19 is highly effective to treat patients that are not able to recover.

What is plasma ?

Its is the main composition of blood along with Other components like Red blood cells. It contains all the protective agents that protect us from a disease.

How antibodies in plasma is formed?

Once the immune system is activated effectively, it makes lots of antibodies and that is released into plasma . Treated Patients of Covid 19 gets permanent immunity against this virus because of antibodies in his blood .

Who can donate plasma for other Covid-19 patients ?

General requirements of donation are:

  • Person should not be anaemic
  • Person should not have HIV , hepatitis, syphilis or any other chronic disease.
  • You should be at least 17 years old.
  • You are in general good health , beside of any chronic disease.

You should be fully treated case of active Covid-19 , with at least 28 days of no symptoms or 14 days of no symptoms and a retest should be negative for Covid-19.

Is donation causes weakness or is donation life threatening for you ?

When ever we donate, this is the first question that comes into mind . If you satisfy all of the above criteria of donation, then Donation is perfectly safe . Our body constantly makes new blood and discard the old one. Bone marrow of our body is constantly replacing our blood . Blood donation can lead to anaemia in the donor is a mere myth.

What should be done after donation?

This is completely normal to donate blood . Your blood can save 3 patients of Covid-19. You just have to take proper diet and drink as much as water you can . Take lots of fruits and juices. This much effort is enough just for prevention sake .

Blood donation if you are not a Case of Covid 19:

PLEASE DONATE. Patients of many other diseases are suffering from lack of blood in blood banks because of this pandemic .Donation won’t cause you any harm during this period if proper precaution of social distancing is taken under consideration .Don’t forget that other patients also exist that are not Covid-19 positive but still need your help.


Stay home and stay safe. Do donate, especially if you recently recovered from Covid. You have experienced the pain, so please help to save others too .

Come out of Hindu- Muslim ! God sent you as a human, so show your humanity first and donate!

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