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How to Deal with Boredom during Lockdown

Things to do at home during COVID-19 self isolation

self isolation

Lockdown and curfew are necessary today to prevent spread of coronavirus in our society. But what should we do to in all this free time. How to keep ourselves busy in this free time. This free time can be most memorable time of our lives.

What should we do depends on what we were doing earlier in life. Some of us may have board exams which are postponed due to lockdown the best thing to do today is prepare with more time in our hands and get good marks which will help us throughout our lives.

Some of us may have office work pending on our desks it is best time to complete such work. Some of us may have college assignments or mid semester exams we should study hard for them too.

Some of us may have nothing to do. So what should they do to stay busy. Those of us who are free are most lucky ones we can be anything we want to be during this time and do what we like and are not able to do because of busy schedule. We can pursue our hobbies. Some us may have hidden talents. Some of us have hidden writers, poets, artists within us we don’t know about so just pick a pen and start exploring yourself.

Those who like movies and TV shows this is best time use your JIO data and watch your favourite movies and TV shows. If you like Hollywood I would recommend pirates of Caribbean all parts, fast and furious all parts, avengers all parts. For TV shows I would recommend house md, suits, flash, arrow.

If we haven’t talked to our school friends this is the time to pick up the phone.

For those who are gym freaks home workout can be as productive for you as gym you just need proper knowledge about which excuses you should perform for that we have Google Baba Ji.

Most importantly we get to spend time with our family. People who mean most to us. Most of us are living far from home for study and work this is the right time to be there for our family and get to know them better.

Don’t get bored spend time in doing what you love with people you love.

About Author:
My name is Gursimrat from Bathinda. I am final year MBBS student I would like to share right information with people of my society and be as much helpful as possible.

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