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Home remedies for tummy aches

tummy aches

A tummy ache is a common complaint and affects people of all ages. The causes could be several — indigestion, menstrual cramps, irritable bowel syndrome or even gastritis. Simple home remedies might not cure you of your ailment but will definitely ease your symptoms and give you temporary relief. Here’s what can help…

– When your tummy aches during your period, try sipping on a cup of hot chamomile tea. It will ease the cramps and lessen the spasms. Even a regular stomach ache can also be treated with chamomile tea. Its anti-inflammatory properties will relax the muscles of your upper digestive track so that the contractions that thrust food in your system, will ease up and reduce cramps and soothe your stomach.

– A hot compress is also an effective way to treat a stomachache. Use a hot water bag or an electric heat pad that will relax your abdominal muscles and ease the discomfort.

– An old remedy but an effective one, drinking a cup of rice water will also help ease tummy aches. Instead of throwing away the water that is left after the rice is cooked, add some to a cup and sip on it. It is said to soothe inflammation and provide relief.

– A cup of warm peppermint tea is also said to work wonders when it comes to treating stomachaches. It ensures that your digestive tract works properly by making digestion an easy process.

– Add a few drops of lemon juice in a glass of hot water and drink it. This will help improve the production of hydrochloric acid, known to break down the food you consume and ensures easy digestion.

Ginger tea is another good option. Simply add some ginger bits to a cup of hot tea and drink it. The chemicals present in ginger relax the stomach muscles and relieve cramps. You could also add ginger bits to honey and warm water and drink it.

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