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Hima Das Indian Ace Sprinter Won Five Gold in One Month

Urging to help Assam

Hima das

Hima das Indian 400-metre racer after failing to qualify for the World Athletics Championships won her 5th gold in Europe.

The 400-metre qualification mark was 51.80 seconds which she failed to achieve. And in the Czech Republic, she touched the finish line in 52.09 seconds.

Her personal best is 50.79 second which she achieved in Asian Games 2018

List of events

2nd July 200-meter race in Poland at the Poznan Athletics Grand Prix won Gold. She marked 23.65 seconds.

8th July
200- meter gold again in Poland at the Kutno Athletics Meet and took 23.97 seconds to complete the race.

13th July won gold again in 200 -meter race at Kladno Athletics Meet in Czech Republic. Her timing was 23.43 seconds.

17th July while competing at the Tabor Athletics Meet at Czech Republic won gold by completing in 23.25 seconds.

20th July in Czech republic marked the finish line in 52.09 seconds and won Gold in 400 -meter race.

With this, she won consecutive 5 gods in just one month.

Now every celebrity and PM Narendra Modi congratulated her on winning 5 gold in one month.

Along with it, Hima Das has donated half of her salary to Assam CM relief fund.

She has done it as Assam her home state is facing severe flood.

30 out of 33 districts affected with flood. She gets her salary from the Indian Oil Corporation.

She has also urged corporate and individuals to come forward and help people of Assam.

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