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Navjotsingh Sidhu Vacated Bungalow, Feud Escalated

Punjab Congress Crisis

Navjosingh Sidhu

Navjotsingh Sidhu, tweeted tagging Punjab Chief Minister Captin Amarinder Singh stating that have vacated government bungalow.

House was allotted to him being cabinet minister of Punjab assembly.

But after resigning officially from his post on Saturday he chooses to vacate the government bungalow also.

Since the 2019 Lok Sabha election result, the feud between CM and Sidhu that was mealy-mouthed sprang out.

In which CM blamed Sidhu for not delivering good result being the minister of an important portfolio.

For which Sidhu choose to remain quiet.

Captain changed ministries of the entire minister including Sidhu as well and assigned him Power ministry.

Which Sidhu choose not to join. Later he resigned to be part of the cabinet of Punjab assembly.

Moreover, CM office stated his resignation governor has given approval and Sidhu is no longer part of Punjab government.

However, he has not left Congress party and since then present at Delhi to have a meeting with Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Among many reasons one that aggregated the tensions many claims that Navjotsingh Sidhu Wife wanted the Lok Sabha ticket from Chandigarh.

But did not get and blamed Captain for the reason of not getting Lok Sabha election ticket.

Now that he is out from cabinet Sidhu had not disclosed his next move.

Keeping distance from media except for BJP every party inviting him to join them.

It will be really interesting to know what he will do now.

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