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ISRO Prepared to Launch Chandrayaan 2

Countdown Begins

ISRO Chandrayan 2

ISRO on July 15 halted its launch 50 minutes before the launch time citing technical problem in the rocket.

Most anticipated and vital ISRO mission sending a rover on the moon is in the news since it was declared as plan years ago.

They are trying to place a rover on the southern part of the moon where no space program has gone before.

Before ISRO / India only three countries have successfully landed on the moon.

These countries are the

USA, Russia and China.

But none of them has gone to its southern part.

Before this mission, India had launched Chandrayaan 1, which only revolved around Moon and collected imperative information.

In which it had collected data of tracing water on the moon.

Having this information scientists enthusiasm over finding water on moon aroused and they started preparing for sending another mission on Moon, comes into being, Chandrayaan 2.

Now that when the time has arrived scientist are not taking any risk with its technicalities.

As the whole world is looking towards India for the mission ISRO has never done before.

In Chandrayaan 2 scientists of India trying to do soft landing on the moon with a Lander name VIKRAM LANDER.

Lander has Rover named PRAGYAN ROVER. That will go out and look for elements on Moon soil and collect data.

Pragyan Rover also has Inscription of Ashok Chakra and ISRO official Seal on his rover belt. And will have a sign on Moon soil that will remain forever on Moon.

The most challenging part is to do soft landing on Moon because Indian scientists have not the prior experience of doing the soft landing.

But seeing the success of Mangalyaan mission in its first launch which no country has done before, ISRO has shown what they are capable to achieve.

Launch time is 2:43 pm on 22nd July and countdown has begun on Sunday at 6:43 pm

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