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Getting back in shape after a baby

Getting back in shape after a baby

So you’ve just had a baby and are trying your best to juggle parenting duties, family obligations and your relationship with your spouse?

This is the time when most women give themselves least attention, often neglecting their own fitness goals. An increasing number of experts are, however, stressing on the importance of getting back in shape after pregnancy, not for cosmetic reasons but for health ones. And if you think that getting back into your pre-pregnancy shape is a tedious task that involves strict dieting, vigorous exercise and going under the knife, you’re wrong.

Motherhood changes your body but that doesn’t mean you can’t be in good shape. You can start light exercises after two months of giving birth and gradually increase your pace. The point to keep in mind here is being patient and committed to your goal. The pounds won’t miraculously fall off but breastfeeding will help to some extent.

Pick up a workout that you enjoy doing. That way, losing weight won’t seem like a task. Yoga is a good option for new mothers. It helps without being too strict on the body. Enroll in a yoga class specifically for new mothers close to your place. Work on your abdominal strength and pelvic muscles, which become loose during childbirth. Over time, you can also start doing yoga at home. Other options include swimming, jogging or cycling.

Remember that if you’re breastfeeding, going on a crash diet is not an option. Instead, eat wisely. Include a lot of fresh fruits, leafy green vegetables, legumes and dairy in your diet. Take your folic acid supplements if prescribed by your doctor and eat smaller meals at regular intervals instead of three large meals a day.

The important thing is not to lose heart if the weight takes forever to shed. Each woman is built differently, so you need to figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

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