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Everything you want to know about weight loss surgery

about weight loss surgery

The harmful effects of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, hyperlipidemia (metabolic syndrome) are multiple.They not only impact your physical but also mental and psychological health.


The relationship shared by obesity and diabetes is known as Diabesity, higher the weight more severe is the diabetes.Most of the time diabetes can be resolved with weight loss.While walking on the street you will hardly see a 70 year old obese, but there are young obese everywhere, why? Because they don’t live to be old, as every 10 kg increase in weight decreases age by 3 years. Most obese people suffer from a lot of diseases which cause early death in most cases.

Treatment for Diabesity

Yes there is, Bariatric or obesity surgery, helps in resolving diabetes in 85% patients.The duration of Diabetes, i.e. when patient’s insulin or diabetes medication will stop,may be different in different cases,nevertheless the effect starts before the patient leaves the hospital after the surgery. The WHO has also recommended Bariatric surgery for obese people with uncontrolled diabetes as an important tool to cure diabetes. The need of the hour is to make people aware about the effective tool to fight this menace called Diabesity.

Different types of weight loss surgeries

Laparoscopic adjustable gastric bands By keyhole a silicon inflatable band is put around the upper part of the stomach, which becomes a small pouch with narrow outlet. The result is, one feels full faster and loses weight because of decrease in appetite.Roux -En Y gastric bypass surgery The stomach is reduced in size from 6 cups to 1 cup. Next, it’s joined to the middle part of the intestine causing decrease in diet and absorption of fewer calories.Sleeve Gastrectomy In this, most of the stomach is removed to make it into a sleeve or tube. Thus decreasing the amount of the diet and also reducing hunger hormone called Ghrelin.

Principles of weight loss surgery

-Decreased stomach – This will result in making the stomach full early and one will stop feeling hungry quickly. If it gets full faster one reaches satiety faster

-Decreased calorie absorption – Most calories are absorbed in the small intestine especially the initial part. In a bypass operation the stomach is attached to the middle part of the small intestine thus decreasing the energy absorption.

-Decreased hormonal imbalance – Obese people have higher levels of hunger hormone i.e.’Ghrelin’ which is produced by the stomach. If that part is removed the level of hormone decreases and one feels less hungry.

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