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List of Countries that celebrate 15th august

Independence Day

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Here are four countries apart from India that observe 15th august as a memorable day, national liberation day Korea, Bahrain got independence, democratic republic of Congo and Liechtenstein.

Countries that Celebrate 15th august

15th august, 1947 is the day when India got independence from British rule. It is the time when full liberation was provided to the people. A huge struggle backed this and we got to know about many brave hearts that facilitated this. Not only India but there are others who observe this as a national day every year. Here are the nations which see this as an important day of history.

National liberation day, Korea

The nation of Korea used to be the colony of Japan. The people were forcibly asked to change their names. Also, there large number workers appointed for the work of Japan. The Korean people suffered a lot. They were ruled for near about 35 years from 1910 to 1945. This was the same period that led to the splitting of Korea into two i.e. North Korea and South Korea. After world war, Japanese fell down and they were defeated by united states. This resulted in liberation of the country. Thus, national liberation day is celebrated in both north and south Korea every year.

National day of Liechtenstein

Franz Joseph II was the prince of Liechtenstein from the year 1938-1980. He was born on the day of 16th august and celebrated this day every year. This was one of the reason that the people of Liechtenstein insisted to celebrate 15th august as national day. Moreover, a bank holiday is assigned every year on the same day. Thus, it was found to be the correct day for celebrations. A large number of public gather in front of Vaduz castle to commemorate the peace of nation every year.

Bahrain got Independence

The nation is situated at Persian Gulf and is high producer of oil minerals. During the period 1880-1892, a treaty was signed by British and Bahrain authorities that gave full rights to Britain over various sectors. This was the starting of British rule over the country. A treaty of friendship was signed by the both the countries through British took back its troops. On 15th august 1947, Bahrain was officially liberated.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Congo remained under the control of Belgian authority for near about 52 years and had a colony of France in the northern part. The invasion of Belgian took place in the year 1908. The people of Congo started getting affected by their rule and demanded independence. The self reliance was offered to them on the day of 30 June, 1960. Consequently, demand of independence circulated everywhere. Thus, northern part was also freed up by 15th august. This day is culturally celebrated every year. People gather with their families and remember the struggle that was enforced to bring them at this stage. Fireworks are carried out and parades are done to cherish.

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