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Benefits of a head massage

Benefits of a head massage

A great way to relax and rejuvenate your mind, a head massage is both calming and enriching

If you are looking out for ways to relax your mind, the best way to do so is by going in for a head massage that is enhancing. Here are a few oils that you can use and the advantages of them —

Lavender Oil: Known to be a soothing hair oil, lavender can work wonders if applied to the scalp during the night, just before you retire off to bed. Take a generous portion of the oil on your palm and rub it well. Then apply the oil on your scalp for a good 15 minutes.

Olive Oil: This oil helps hair growth and revitalises the scalp. Take a bit of olive oil and apply it evenly on your scalp. Keep the oil overnight and wash it off the next day.

Aromatherapy Oil: If you are looking for ways to relax and soothe your scalp, there is nothing better than apply aromatherapy oil. This oil contains various herbs which ensures that your scalp receives nourishment and your hair growth increases as well.

Coconut Oil: To increase blood circulation in your scalp, use coconut oil. Experts say that this is probably the best oil that you can use to ensure that your scalp is revitalised and your hair grows well enough.

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