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20 best healthy colourful foods

healthy colourful foods

Wondering about the easiest way to load your body with maximum nutrients to stay healthy and fit? The answer is simple and straight: just play with various colours and add as many colourful foods in your diet as possible.

If your main is goal to stay healthy and to prevent various chronic diseases, then it’s time to stock up on different foods with different colours.

Why colour is better, you ask? Simply because these colouful foods contain an essential substance called as carotenoids which is really good for your health. But be cautious as colourful foods do not mean a big colourful hamburger but instead natural and colourful foods like bell peppers. So, next time you go shopping, besides picking up the usual green leafy vegetables, choose all colours of foods as each pigment provides numerous benefits. In case, you still aren’t sure as to why you eat add more colour to your diet, we give you solid reasons as by listing down top 20 best colourful foods and its benefits.

Healthy Colourful Food # 1: Lemons

This little yellow food has approximately 100 percent of your daily vitamin C intake. This is the best food as it is easily accessible to everyone and it helps to increase the good cholesterol level and at the same time strengthen our bones and teeth.

Lemons consists of an essential substance known as citrus flavonoids, which helps to slow down the growth of cancer cells and shows anti-inflammatory properties.

Healthy Colourful Food # 2: Green peas

This miniature green food is not a super food with high level of antioxidants or anything fancy but the fact that makes it healthy and a must have food in your plate is because it is very well balanced with various minerals, vitamins and including zinc and iron.

Healthy Colourful Food # 3: Egg yolk

The egg yolks include heaps of essential hard-to-get nutrients like choline. Choline helps to lower the risk of breast cancer and the various antioxidants helps to prevent muscular degeneration and cataracts.

Though most of us denote egg yolks as harmful because of their link to various heart diseases but consumed in moderation its fine.

Healthy Colourful Food # 4: Black beans

Everyone loves black and a plate without your all time favourite colour is definitely incomplete. Add the spark of black with the healthy, cheap and easy to cook black beans. They are high in protein, packed with fiber and consist of small amount of omega-3 fatty acids. All these factors help you to stay full for a long time and boost your heart health at the same time. Prefer the darker beans, as they contain high dose of antioxidants.

Healthy Colourful Food # 5: Apples

Red apples are a powerhouse of antioxidants. These antioxidants prevent the production of major damaging substances in the body which can further cause early aging and various diseases. Polyphenols a type antioxidants found in apples also helps to increase your lifespan. Besides, it also reduces your risk to develop various heart diseases.

Healthy Colourful Food # 6: Water

Though it is colourless, but it is a must have in your diet. Drink more water as it helps to get rid of toxins from your body, maintains your body temperature, prevents kidney stones and keeps your joints supple. It also supplies crucial minerals to your body.

It is one of the powerful natural item and can also help you to maintain a healthy weight. Sip in as much water as you can to stay healthy and to avoid dehydration.

Healthy Colourful Food # 7: Avocados

This blackish green food is loaded with an amino acid called as glutathione. This helps to strengthen your immune system which fight battle against various heart and cancer ailments. Besides, they are also rich in vitamin E – this is a very good antioxidant for your skin. Avocados also contain monounsaturated fat.

Healthy Colourful Food # 8: Apricots

This orangish food is loaded with potassium, fiber, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and lycopene. This food helps to decrease risk of ailments associated with liver like liver cancer.

Healthy Colourful Food # 9: Almonds

You can eat this brownish little thing either as a salad or eat it as an evening snack. These nuts are a good source of monounsaturated fat, protein, vitamins and essential minerals. Plus, it is good for heart as it lowers the bad cholesterol.

Healthy Colourful Food # 10: Raspberries

This dark pinkish fruit is filled with a substance called as ellagic acids, which helps to halt the growth of cancer-cells. They are also packed with fiber, which helps to prevents high cholesterol and various types of heart diseases.

Healthy Colourful Food # 11: Pomegranate

Pomegranates have a nice refreshing crimson red colour. They contain good amount of fiber and antioxidants which can help you to keep your brain healthy and smart. A healthy brain means a healthy and stress-free you.

Healthy Colourful Food # 12: Corn

This sunny, yellow food is a top favourite for all of us especially during monsoons. They have a good combination of antioxidants nutrients and they are also rich in fiber and are very low in calorie as well.

Healthy Colourful Food # 13: Broccoli

This green food is loaded with high amount of vitamin K and vitamin C. Both these essential nutrients help to strengthen your bones and teeth. They also help to keep various cancers at bay.

Healthy Colourful Food # 14: Flaxseeds

These tiny brown colour seeds are one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids. They also help to lower your risk to various types of heart problems by preventing blood cells clots or blockage in the arteries. It also reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Healthy Colourful Food # 15: Pumpkin

Its orange colour clearly indicates that it has high amount of beta carotene which helps to prevent heart disease. It is low in calories and high in fiber and vitamin A.

Healthy Colourful Food # 16: Blueberries

This purplish fruit is rich in antioxidants and fiber. Regular intake of blueberries helps to keep your brain and healthy and powerful by preventing the cognitive decline. It also helps in preventing obesity and helps in reducing the risk of hypertension and prevents artery hardening.

Healthy Colourful Food # 17: Sweet potatoes

The skin colour of sweet potatoes can range between white, yellow, red and brown. They have good amount of beta-carotene, iron, vitamin C and vitamin E and regular intake of sweet potatoes helps to protect your body against cellular damage. They are also a very good food for muscle recovery.

Healthy Colourful Food # 18: Carrots

This orange food is one of the best sources of carotenes. They help to prevent cancers, protect against macular degeneration, minimizes night blindness and reduces bad cholesterol. Carrots also protect your skin from sun damage.

Healthy Colourful Food # 19: Kiwi

This green food is packed with various good nutrients as they have high level of vitamin C, vitamin E, potassium and antioxidant. They help to prevent cellular damage macular denegation.

Healthy Colourful Food # 20: Tomatoes

This red food is the powerhouse of lycopene; an antioxidant. It prevents the risk of bladder, stomach and colon cancer.

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