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Winter-ready lips: Here’s what you need to know

Winter-ready lips

Winter is almost here and that usually means dry and chapped lips.

Here are ways in which you can keep your lips soft and supple.

– Don’t lick your lips. This is the first thing that we tend to do when our lips feel dry, but you are only making matters worse as the saliva dries quickly, leaving you with drier lips.

– Never leave home without a lip balm, regardless of the weather. Keep applying it through the day, whenever you feel that your lips are going dry. Also, invest in a quality lip balm, which has SPF.

– Apply lip balm before you apply lipstick. This will not only ensure that your colour stays on longer, but it also moisturises your pout. This is especially useful with matte lipstick.

– Exfoliate your lips with a scrub to remove dead skin. Make a paste of sugar and honey and gently scrub your lips with it once a week for supple lips.

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