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Winter care for your lips

Winter care

If you have been suffering from dry lips this winter, you would ideally need lots of lip balm to ease those dried and chapped lips. However, there are other ways to ensure that you have smooth lips during this season.

-The first way to start off is by exfoliating your lips and getting rid of dead skin cells. You can use an orange lip scrub made from orange peels, honey and sugar or a rose lip scrub made from rose petals, curd and sugar, which will not only exfoliate your lips but will also provide hydration.

-Choose a lip pack that will thoroughly moisturise your lips. You can make a lip pack by combining honey or curd with lavender or basil oil. Apply this pack at least twice in a week for your lips to remain soft and smooth.

-You can alternatively also choose a moisturising lip stain that will provide colour and nourishment to your lips when you are stepping out of your house. While indoors, you can also opt for a vaseline or a plain lip balm that will take care of those chapped lips.

-To make your lips healthy and ensure that they never dry out, avoid licking your lips. Saliva tends to make your lips dry and also snatch away moisture from it.

-Eat lots of fruits and fresh seasonal veggies that will help your lips to stay nourished.

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