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How to glam up ugly space at home

glam up ugly space at home

Very often either a cluttered mess or an empty space does make a comfortable nook in our homes.

A home usually defines a person’s personality and even the frame of mind, when you have a cluttered mind a lot more clutter will be seen around you. Time and again you notice in your house that you always see an awkward corner that simply defies decoration and tends to haunt you the minute you cross ways. It might be a corner near the entry of the main door or simply next to your closet. Irrespective of life going on and trying not to bother, these little spaces do veer into a problem. Redecorating a home keeping in mind how to transform the drab spaces into spaces for comfort that pump them up with a little decor will turn the way you looked at that place before.

Here are few tips to work around and explore the options to redecorate that little space that lacked attention

Pick Out A Space
You need to choose a space to start with- it can be a small corner near your bedroom or your front porch. The secret to redecorating an empty dull space is to look for it one at a time. You need to pick on a corner and revamp it with all the ideas you have in mind. No ways will you be able to give justice to a space if you have too much on your hands. Best is to take out little time in the day, give your imagination a boost and come up with one or two good ideas you can choose from.

Make a Rational Decision
There might be a chance that you can turn a whole new leaf with just a brush up on colours, a bright paint on the wall can do wonders to a dull boring space that you might see. Rather than investing in something expensive, think of ideas that are feasible and pocket friendly.

Choosing The Right Accessories
Every corner needs to be accessorized with something that does catch the attention and leaves a mark of your personality. Be it for photo frames, cushion covers, rugs, table lamps, curios or more. An empty vintage frame or a mirrored wall too speaks volumes when placed well. A corner might look bland and lacklustre, but with the right accessories even the smallest one can turn out to be a refreshing change.

Colours Palette
Depending on the corner that you might choose to redecorate and style, pick a colour that is out of the ordinary. It is not necessary to opt for a colour that is universal, a purple wall or even colourful bright accessories could add a twist. 2016 is the year to have electric blues, purples and a touch of gold to perk up the decor of a regular room. You can embrace these hues into your corners too if not an entire room dedicated to the colour.

Push Your Green Thumb Ahead
Plants and planters are not just meant to be outdoors but can also make a stunning corner inside the house. Be it a space near the stairs or an empty corner in your living room. Paintings on the wall and potted plants near it work as a very functional idea of having greenery around you that adds simplicity and positivity.

Bring Out Your Special Corner

There might be a space in the house where you can highlight your likes or a passion, so be it for a book collection or a space to set your child’s dolls a corner can be dedicated to something that you always had a hard time finding place to stack. A passage running with bare walls is not an idea you would like to live with forever, instead you could turn it into a passage of entire wall clock section or even turn it into a wall with souvenirs.

When you place your heart in something that makes you happy, it is bound to attract happier vibes as well. So whenever you may decide to beautify that one particular space, think about the things you can do and how you want them to be placed mentally. Once the idea clicks to the heart, go with it and experiment a little for grace comes with exceptionality.

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