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Ways to ensure your luxurious home contains everything you need

luxurious home

Thinking about buying a new home in 2016 or have just purchsed one? Your 2,500 sq ft South Mumbai luxury apartment comprises a gamut of discrepancies you probably weren’t even aware about.

Here are a few ways to distinguish between the same, as well as tips to make your decision for a 2016 luxury home easier to achieve, in order to make the best choice. The term luxury is associated with an apartment, which should tender facilities including a full-sized living room, offering a viewing distance of at least 14 ft to enjoy a 65″ wall-mounted LED screen from your snug Italian sofa. To keep up with the living area, the ceiling height should also be maintained at 11 ft, leaving enough 11 ft, leaving enough room between your chandelier and cashmere carpet.

The adjoining dining area should ideally sport an eight seater arrangement, instead of six, so that family and friends can dine together even at times when guests visit. In addition, a swanky bar console for mixing cocktails and entertaining guests, as well as show off your bottled collection, is a good idea.

“Ideally , you would buy a house like this once-in-a-lifetime.Therefore, it is important that you fully understand the apartment and ask the right questions before investing, so that you can appreciate and enjoy a wholesome luxurious experience,” explains Ar. Ajay Nahar of the Nahar Group.

Luxury is further entailed through an uncompromised kitchen size with well defined wet and dry areas, incorporating state-of-the-art kitchen appliances such as built-in refrigerators, dishwashers and microwave ovens.

There should be sufficient room in the kitchen to experiment with your favourite cuisines on weekends, even if it’s just gourmet salads. A utility area connected to the kitchen, for drying clothes and storing household equipment, could double up as a resting space along with an attached dedicated toilet for the domestic help. This would allow privacy for the owners.

With rising real estate prices, it is essential to aptly design and create multifunctiona spaces without having to compromise on living standards. While designing the orientation of the house, one should ideally follow Vastu norms, per taining to geo graphical directions and offer an artistic composi tion of the sky greenery and sea. Ensure that the bedrooms are lavish and functional at the same time. These rooms must incorporate a study area to manage after-office e mailing and next day planning, without disturbing your spouse catnapping on the 7 ft long cosy bed. The master bedroom should also boast of a walk-in wardrobe and dresser to store your designer collection and help you during your many travels for work or pleasure. A dedicated prayer room, where you can spend some serene time is also a must. “Lineage doesn’t dictate you. Your time starts now in which you can create your own kingdom. You own it on your own terms because you can,” adds Ar. Nahar.

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