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Vastu tips for a positive mind

Vastu tips

You might be living in the plushest house, but it’s not necessary that you’ll always be in the correct frame of mind to enjoy that luxury.

The societal pressures and stresses have forced many of us to compromise with our happiness and peace of mind, but guess it’s time to put an end to all these pressures for once, thanks to Vastu- the Indian science of architecture. According to Vastu expert, Khushdeep Bansal you can cleanse your mind and body with simple Vastu remedies. Here’s a look at some of them.

1. Avoid shades of red, pink, dustbin, old newspapers and kitchen in the North-East as these objects create negative thinking, as proven by documented research in Vastu .

2. To attract positive thinking, place an Aunkar or Swastika in North-East. This will improve your connectivity with Universal Consciousness and your own higher self which, in turn, will help broaden your perspective of life. Cleansing will start and you will know clearly the path of growth with a healthy mind.

3. Avoid locating the dustbin, toilet and store in East-North-East, as these hamper the capacity to overcome thoughts of the past and start afresh.

4. The dustbin and bedroom in the East-SouthEast hamper positive thinking and a healthy state of mind. Ideally, place a dustbin in the South-SouthWest to improve your ability to ‘let go’.

5. It is important not to have your bedroom in the West-North-West or stay for long in this zone. You will experience blocked emotions, start having regrets and grudges, and feel compelled to spew out your negative thoughts. This affects your relations and contacts and, in turn, your growth in life.

6. Balance yourself and choose your life and model your house accordingly, based on Vastu concepts.

7. You can eliminate the toxins from your mental and physical spaces and your mind will be free and body, healthy.

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