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Give your home a ‘midas touch’ with gold

Give your home a 'midas touch'

We throw light on the latest decor trend of giving subtle touches of gleaming gold to home interiors, to spruce up the glamour quotient, on this Raksha Bandhan.
Gold is rich, it symbolises wealth, opulence and royalty. The gold colour, associated with sun and divinity, also stands for power.
Giving subtle touches of gleaming gold into home interiors is one of the latest decor trends. It is being used to dress up walls, chairs, candle holders, cushions, bedcovers and much more.

Gold is a bold, expressive and alluring colour, which if used correctly, can create an aura of warmth and lavishness.”In interiors, leafing can be done on furniture, walls, ceilings, paneling, artefacts, paintings, candles and different surfaces, ranging from plaster of Paris, marble, fibre, metal, wood and glass,” explains, Shehzad Khan, an interior designer.

Gold leafing can be used just to highlight a small picture frame in the living area or the border line work on the furniture; add some golden combination furnishing along with it and the whole room turns into a royal gold decor.

The leafing technique changes interiors into a beautiful, luxurious work of art that exudes regal elegance. One has choices too, like one can opt for pure gold leafing, synthetic gold leafing, antique gold leafing, silver champagne leafing, bronze and gunmetal leafing.

Gold crystal chandelier, huge candle stands in gold, golden lamps, etc., can be added, along with a hint of gold leafing on artefact or a small cornice ceiling, to add a dash of glittering gold into your home decor. Decor pieces in rich gold can be a lovely addition to a neutral environment and appear luminous in the soft glow of light.

A niche alongside bed or a living room and a ceiling with the border cornice, can also be gold-leafed.Gold leafing can be added to furniture to make it look quite elegant and antique. Even a centre table with gold leafing legs will add up to your home decor. You can also give a makeover to your existing furniture and tables with gold leafing. Old artifacts can be refurbished with gold leafing too.

Actress Divyanka Tripathi, who has used gold leafing to brighten up her home, says, “Gold is very pleasant to look at.Gold leafing work has been done in small quantities to furniture in my house but it looks prominent and draws a lot of attention. Now, I feel like living in a palace.”

There are plenty of interesting ways to add a touch of gold, to spruce up the glamour quotient at your home. Accent walls are an in thing these days, so one can paint walls in a gold texture or combine gold with other colours.”One simple way to add a golden touch at home, is so to use cushions with golden sequins, ornate embroidery in gold thread or use sheer gold curtains for the windows, table runners and dinner mats,” informs Lavinia Hansraj, a soft fur nishing designer. If one is creative, than one can spray gold paint on wooden frames of mirrors and artifacts and dried leaves. “To make the golden effect simply magical, take golden coloured floating bowls, fill them with water and add red or yellow flowers along with tea light candles. One of the important rules, when it comes to something as striking as gold, is to be gentle with the touches.Too much gold can come across gaudy,” adds Hansraj Subtle golden elements will create a stylish and soothing ambience. Your home will definitely sparkle!

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