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Try these ideas for the best holiday romance

ideas for the best holiday romance

While holidays never wait for an excuse, and its just an impromptu plan that can set the holiday mood on, here, here’s some handy tips for an exciting holiday romance with your partner.

Role play

What would it be like to be in a place where no one knows you, everything’s new, right from the place to you. Try it. This vacation try doing a role play with your partner, be someone else on this trip. A new name and a changed personality, in fact you can completely change the way you look (just for this vacation). If married, pretend to be dating, leave all the baggage behind and have unadulterated fun. In fact, you can also continue this role play inside your hotel room, where you both try to impress yourself with your new avatars, and up your game at lovemaking as well.

Leaving each other secret gifts

When in love, surprises are always welcome. Play secret Santa with your partner, but in a rather romantic way. If you are on a six day vacation, make sure you have six to twelve different gifts for your partner, already planned and gift wrapped. Leave these gifts secretly at the reception or get it delivered by room service — whichever works to surprise them the most. These gifts can be anything from playful to naughty, they’re sure to make your holiday-romance exciting.

Bathing each other

Although this is something that couples can indulge in on and off, but our busy schedules don’t usually allow us this simple yet romantic experience. One of the most common things couples look at while booking a vacation is, if their hotel room has a bathtub. You can either start with a relaxing spa experience and proceed to a nice steamy bath. Or, you can make the experience even romantic by ordering a bottle of sparkling wine and filling the bathtub with a lavender or rose bath bomber. Lock yourself in the room for at least three hours and let the fun begin!

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