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Pandemics and epidemics of recent history

List of recent pandemics and epidemics that turned world upside down.

History has witnessed a lot of deaths due to pandemics. These deaths turned the world upside down hampering development. They target countries by countries and restrain people from enjoying their liberty to meander. They forces businesses to shut down and trigger the feeling of fear in many. The way covid-19 is targeting lives day by day, it is clear that it won’t have been easy for the population to survive in those days. Here is the list of epidemics and pandemics that made people suffer.

Spanish flu

This was the most dangerous pandemic of recent time. Spanish flu began its journey from Europe and then reached to other parts of the world. It was known for the highly contagious nature it possessed. It spread was very easy. Consequently, near about 500 million people were found to be positive. Spanish flu was unfurled from a soldier to the world. This deadliest virus stayed among human for near about 2 years and then vanished. It was believed that those who were infected either died or developed the strength to fight. It was estimated that nearly 50 million people died because of this.

Asian flu

Came in 1957, this was a well known pandemic with severity. The symptoms of flu include body ache, fever, cough, loss of appetite and weakness. Starting from Guizhou, it reached almost all the continents. As a result, this virus took near about 2 million peoples’ life. Thus, its severity was not as much as the influenza virus of 1920 but it was also a vicious.

Hong Kong flu

Followed by Asian virus, a new virus came into existence in the year 1968. This virus was originated from Hong Kong, china. Highly contagious, Hong Kong flu covered maximum countries of Southeast Asia within few days. It was found that 500,000 cases were reported in first 2 weeks. This virus showed the symptoms of fever, weak muscle and body ache which were seen after 4-5 days. The people infected from Asian flu had developed immunity against it which limited its impact upon them.


With no permanent cure, HIV virus is still in the world disturbing the life of many. This virus started its journey from Las Angeles, America and reached to other parts of the world. HIV AIDS is a contagious virus that can enter into other humans through sexual or blood contact. It lowers down the strength of CD4 cells further making it difficult for the immunity to fight against other infections. A person can’t live many years because of this and it has been a cause of large premature deaths. 7, 70,000 people died because of this and the number are still increasing by each day. Follow the necessary prevention for the safety.


The SARS virus originated in November, 2002 at Hong Kong, China took nearly 800 lives. This was a rarely occurring respiratory disease that showed symptoms such as dry cough, fever, difficult breathing and headache. Its effects were seen in 26 countries with 8000 cases all over the world. In the end, this deadly virus was disappeared itself and no urgent vaccine was made to tackle.

Swine flu

Swine flu is a sort of influenza virus that took birth in 2009 at Mexico and first conquered the life of a young boy. It spread to other places through him and was highly vicious. The nature of flu changes due to its contact with other species. The confirmed cases till now are nearly 4, 92,000 and a number of 18,449 deaths have been noticed. This pandemic stayed in the world for about 19 months. The symptoms include cough, running nose, diarrhea, fever and fatigue.


Emerged in 2014, Ebola virus first affected a baby of 18 months who took his last breath in December, 2014. Ebola is one among the most fatal viruses and has happened to take near about 11000 lives. It was a virus that showed its impact majorly on Africa. Till now cure has been known only isolated care of a patient can increase his chances of living. The symptoms show by the patients suffering from this were stomach pain, fever, fatigue and body ache.


Family member of SARS, MERS full form is Middle East respiratory syndrome. This is also one of those viruses that can make a human being severely ill or even cause death. The symptoms are similar to SARS virus of 2003 along with kidney failure. This virus has taken 866 lives and had affected 2500 people. Saudi Arabia was the most affected country out of the count of 27. Large complications were noticed for the old population and children.


Most dangerous pandemic of 21st century, corona virus has broken down the economic backbone of world severely. This virus has affected almost all the countries and is still taking a number of lives. Followed by SARS and MERS, Covid-19 is also a respiration infecting virus. The common symptoms seen are dry cough, sore throat, fever, headache and cold. This virus makes it difficult for a person to breath. Originated in Wuhan, it has affected millions of people.

Go through the symptoms and statistics of the past pandemics and analyze their extent. These viruses dragged millions of people to death and created depressing environment. Always keep yourself updated with the prevention measures suggested by World Health Organization. This will help in keeping you safe.

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