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Pakistan Ready to Import Life Saving Drugs from India

U turn after one month

Pakistan and India

Pakistan after the abrogation of article 370 took a major decision and broke all trade relations with India. They even stopped all the bus and train services that were going on between the two countries. Pakistan current Prime Minister Imran Khan is so adamant that since the abrogation he is continuously targeting Indian Government.

One can easily go on his official account on twitter and facebook and can check, his whole wall is filled with hate against India. To the extent, he even blamed the Indian government for doing genocide in Jammu and Kashmir. Last week they tried to organize mass movement in the country to get international attention.

But now the news is coming that Pakistan is going to allow the import of life-saving drugs from India. Basically India has many pharmaceutical companies and research industries. Because of it, many life-saving drugs are available in-country on cheaper rates. Importing these drugs from India is cheaper for Pakistan than any other country. Moreover, for the last three decades, its military establishment has spent most of its capital on making terrorists. And has not spent any capital on health-related issues. For major medical operations and treatments, the Pakistani population visits India.

When Pakistan government took the decision of breaking all trade relation it was clear in many people mind that only Pakistan will suffer from this. But because of domestic pressure, they had to take some decision. Seeing their underwater reaction on consular access to Jadhav case it is most likely that they want to end this drama. Not like last time when Media persons of Pakistan treated Jadhav mother and wife unfairly. This time Pakistan Establishment did not allow any media coverage

From here India should also consider possibilities of bringing Jadhav to India and bring normalcy in Kashmir.

Pakistan lifts ban on import of life-saving drugs from India

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