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Pakistan Defense Day on Completely False Narrative

Rouge army laeding country

Pakistan defence day 1965

Pakistan defence day every year on September 6th celebrates their defence day. This year their Prime Minister Imran Khan announced that they have decided to dedicate this day to Kashmiri people. But the question arises why they celebrate this day? For many Pakistani people, this is the day they defeated the Indian Army. Did this really happen in the past? Well many scholars and student of history including people from Pakistan don’t buy this argument.

Pakistan claims that the Indian Army tried to enter Pakistan in 1965 from Lahore side where they countered the attack and pushed India away.

What actually happened that Pakistan sent 7000 to 8000 mujahids in Kashmir and Jammu to liberate J&k. They wanted to represent it as an inside insurgency. At that time Prime Minister of India Lal Bahadur Shastri warned Pakistan and opened international border in Punjab. From where Indian troops marched towards Lahore and captured many places. Certainly, Pakistan had not expected it. They were so sure that India will not do such thing they had not placed any army on Punjab border. Indian army captured almost half part of Lahore.

And on 23 September Pakistan accepted the UN ceasefire mediation.

They are very good at building perception. For the last 70 years, a rogue army that has its own country building false narrative just to maintain their supremacy.

Pakistan Defence Day is false narrative

That is what they are trying to do now in Kashmir. People need to act smart and wary of sharing fake news related to Kashmir on social media.

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