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Methods of intermittent fasting for weight loss

A good hack to cut down the heaviness as soon as possible.

Extra weight can be devastating for a worrywart. A person living with high BMI faces a lot of problems on daily basis. It can also put forward many problematic situations. Overweight can induce the feeling of frustration, anger and depression. It targets a person’s feelings as well as mental health. Thus, it is important to separate it from the body.

One needs to work hard for the severance of extra mass from the body. People go with a lot of hacks and try to cut down the heaviness as soon as possible. Intermittent fasting can prove to be a good hack in slashing down this problem. Here are few of the ways by which a person can keep intermitting fasts for a resistance free weight loss journey.

Fasting 2 days a week

Fasting two days a week involves 24 hour no eating on any two days. This method was put forward by the popular fitness expert brad pilon who emphasized on fasting that involves minimum 2 days gap. Fast must be in such an order that it starts from a meal and ends at the same meal next day so that there is a gap of 24 hour. One can have zero calorie drinks such as water, green tea and coffee in between. This can be challenging but involves great benefits.

Meal skipping

Meal skipping can be of great help for the beginners who find whole day fasting much challenging; one can go with this option. This involves skipping of meal on alternate days. For example, if you are skipping breakfast of Tuesday, you can skip the dinner of Friday. This technique is really very helpful for many. Thus, if you really not hungry on a random day, there is no need to force yourself. Skip the meal and indulge in intermittent fasting.

Few eating hours

This 16:8 method involving fasting for 16 hours and eating for remaining 8 hour. This way of fasting helps in increasing the metabolism along with the acceleration of weight loss. One can normally eat in the 8 hour period and carry this fast every day. It is important to keep in mind that junk food must be ignored and intake of low calorie food should be focused.

One time meal

This method is also known as warrior diet method which involves one time eating of huge meal. One can have small amount of eating whole day along with a single big meal at night. This focuses on fasting whole day and having a big brunch at night. This is one of the most popular forms of intermittent fasting forwarded by fitness expert Ori Hofmekler.

Alternate day low calorie intake

This method targets the intake of low calorie food on alternate day. For example, normal eating is going on for Monday, one could have low calorie diet for the Tuesday. It is advised that eating only a few hundred calories will be beneficial, such as 500 calories for women and 600 calories for men.

Subsequently, intermittent fasting can be proved beneficial for many and it may not suit few. Try it once go through the pros. This technique is of great help in easy reduction of weight.

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