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Manimahesh Yatra 2017

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Manimahesh Yatra 2017

2017 Official Manimahesh Yatra Dates

Every year Manimahesh Yatra is opened for few days only. Official dates announced by the Himachal government for the Manimahesh Yatra is from 15th August to 29th August. People who are interested can go in between these Dates and after 29th August Yatra will be closed.


There are various cities from where people come to visit Manimahesh. Like Pathankot, Chamba, Kangra, Delhi, Shimla, Manali and other cities of Punjab and Himachal.

  • Pathankot: Distance from Pathankot to Bharmour is 180KM and then 12km is Hadsar from where trekking start.
  • Chamba: Distance from chamba to Hadsar is is 71 km.
  • Kangra: Distance from Kangra to Chamba is 170km then Chamba to Hadsar 71km. total distance is 241 km.
  • Delhi: People who are coming from Delhi firstly have to go to Pathankot and then to Chamba and from Chamba to Hadsar. Total distance is Delhi to Manimahesh is 672 km.
  • Shimla: Distance from Shimla to Manimahesh is 490 km.
  • Manali: Distance from Manali to Manimahesh is 502 km.
map of manimahesh yatra

Manimahesh situated at the Pir Panjal range of Himalayas, in the Bharmour subdivision of Chamba District of Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. According to the Hindi religion, Shiva Kailash peak stands high close to the lake and is believed to be the hearth of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythologies. The adorable land of Himachal Pradesh is home to many historical places and religious sites. Manimahesh Yatra 2017 is unique in its own sense, which starts from Lakshminarayan Temple in Chamba and ends at the Mani Mahesh Lake in Bundhil valley.

The divine track or Yatra is about 15 days after the festival of Janmashtami. The devotees walk along the rocky path completely bare footed, chanting Bhajans and praying. After reaching Lake, they take bath in the holy water. Yatra starts during the month of August or September according to the month of Bhadon in the Hindu calendar, on the Eighth day of the new moon. This holy pilgrimage to Mani-Mahesh is supported by the Himachal Pradesh government.


According to the legends, it is believed that the LORD SHIVA created this place after he get married Goddess Parvati. There is a myth narrated linking Lord Shiva and his show of displeasure through acts of avalanches and wizards that occur in the region. It is also beloved that Shiva performed penitence on the banks of Lake. It is also known that Gaddis (Shepherd), the tribes of this region, adopted Lord Shiva as their Goddess.

It is also believed that Shiva married Parvati at Mansarovar Lake and became the universal parents of the universe. It is also considered as the home of three Lords of the universe namely, Shiva, Vishnu, and Brahma. Manimahesh signifies a jewel (mani) on lord Shiva’s crown. According to the local people, the moon rays reflected from the mani can be seen from the Manimahesh lake on clear moon night. It is a very rare occasion and only lucky people have the pleasure to see this view. Mani also shines with the first rays of the sun in the morning.


Manimahesh is a high altitude lake which is almost 4080M from sea level. This peak is also called the Chamba peak. It is one of the highest places in Himachal Pradesh. When the month of June arrived ice starts to melt and there are various small streams flowing in the area. This Yatra is basically 12 to 13 km by foot.

It is a tough road for tracking but a very beautiful and awesome view with that. You will feel refreshed after seeing the beauty of nature, big mountains and natural beauty at its best. There is a lack of oxygen at the top because of no trees present there. So it is suggested that the people with breathing should take their precautions.


Manimahesh can be approached through three routes, i.e. devotees from “Lahaul Spiti Pass” through “Kugti pass”. Devotees from Kangra and Mandi take the Karwasi Pass or Jalsu Pass via Tyari village near Holi in Bharmour. One of the easiest ways is from Chamba via Bharmour. Basically, people use this way to go to Manimahesh as it is a beautiful route which covers Chamba in it, district of Himachal and a tourist place also. If you are going from Pathankot then firstly you have to go to Dalhousie then to Chamba and next stop will be Bharmour.

Bharmour is the last town before the Mani-mahesh. Bikes can only go up to the Hadsar. Trekking starts from Hadsar. Centre point of this trekking is Dhancho then it comes Sandrasi then next stop is Gorikund and the final stop is Shiv Kund where the lake takes place and people take bath in the holy water. The path is well maintained which leads to the lake but still risky. So the one who is going should have to be careful and should take proper measures. There is a lot of improvement in the past recent years on the tracks. Helicopter service is also available in Bharmour. it takes 7 minutes to reach Gorikund then u have to walk by foot to the Shiv Kund.


Current weather condition of Manimahesh is quite pleasing and little bit raining. Current temperature is 21C. But in upcoming days there will be moderate raining on some days according to the weather forecast. The temperature will fluctuate between 18C to 21C. Overall it is a good temperature for yatra.

So at last, Manimahesh Yatra is a very beautiful experience one should go to the Manimahesh to experience this great adventure and a holy place. You will forget all the pain and tiresome after watching the awesome and wonderful natural beauty of the Yatra and get immersed in the alluring atmosphere.

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