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Kitchen style to match your personality

Kitchen style

Every person has a specific style of kitchen which reflects their personality. Whether it is the typical urban kitchen or the old world charm of the cottage style kitchen, everybody has a preferred style that goes with their personality .

Says interior designer Bindya Chhabria, ” A home decor expert can only work on the walls of the kitchen. It is the owner of the kitchen who can make it look warm and inviting.”

Bright and sparkling -that’s how a traditional kitchen looks like. Warm neutral colours with structured cabinets door and furniture speak about your approachable and straight forward personality . There is an antique touch to this kitchen. Traditional kitchens are spacious with a lot of cross ventilation.In this kitchen, everything is organised. There is absolutely no scope for any kind of mess.

Cottage style kitchens have a charm of their own. They are built for comfort with features that help you through the rou tine life, and also bring in a fresh whiff of air. There is an element of warmth in this style of kitchen, and retains its old world charm. Artist Radha Sardesai says, “I love inviting people home for informal lunches and dinners and serving simple home-cooked food.

So, I wanted my kitchen to have a simple earthen look with brick walls. I have deco rated it with pots and pans to add that rustic look to it.”

The urban kitchen is functional and at the same time, versatile. The stainless steel sink and utilitarian stools lend sophistication to the place. The kitchen has the best of fits and all possible electrical gadgets to give a chic look. The furniture is unique and often mismatched. There is a touch of affluence in this type of kitchen. Amisha Puri, a businesswoman, says, “My husband and I travel a lot.Since we have friends from all over the world visiting us, we wanted to keep our kitchen very urban; it looks uber cool and food can be cooked fast.”

The characteristic of a Mediterranean style kitchen is essentially its colours. When it comes to accessories and decor, you will have plenty of options that radiate a relaxed look. Appliances in the kitchen, like coffee maker, mixer and toaster, are in a wide range of colours. Malini Singh, a teacher, says, “My husband and I love all things bright. Everything, including the cookware and the cutlery in our kitchen, is in bright colours.” Furnitures are often constructed from quality hardwood. The coloured chairs, tables and stools are a typical characteristic of this style of kitchen.

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