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Interior tips to make your home look spacious

Interior tips

While, we all complain of builders wasting spaces and the very fact that most houses in Mumbai are anything but spaced-out, not many people experiment with compact interior solutions.

Big-size couches, antique dining tables that take up a lot of space and unnecessary shelves and cupboards that leave our homes with little place to walk, is how most houses look. Here’s a look at some compact housing solutions that can be easily adapted without making major changes along with being pocket-friendly.


We all like stylish wardrobes, however, a wardrobe is something that occupies a lot of space. A wall cavity is a smart solution to accommodate a huge wardrobe. It would hardly take two to three inches of floor space for the doors (preferably sliders) and would allow enough usage of space. You can make a similar set-up for your washing machine and dishwasher, especially if you are not blessed with extra drying space. A wall cavity either in your kitchen or the corridor next your bathroom can accommodate them easily , without restricting movement.


Service windows are a great way to save space because not only do they serve as a quick option to transfer food from the kitchen to the dining area, but also serve as a potential dining table when needed. Attach a foldable table to your service window and it can well serve as a dining table. Bring in a few chairs and you are set.Two long-stem bar chairs can also be accommodated inside a cabinet that fits right under your kitchen service window to make it a live bar counter when required. Also, make sure you have several layers of shelves and drawers in your kitchen, so the you utilise the horizontal as well as vertical space properly .


This is the most interesting piece of compact furniture. A set of round or square coffee table and four well fitted seaters inside it will help you make the right utilisation of space. You can either sit down and use it as low dining or coffee table or just pull out the seaters (with storage of course) when you have more heads.


We all have a fetish for collectibles, however, it becomes slightly difficult to give every piece its right visibility, due to lack of space. This is when drawers come to the rescue.You can make drawers anywhere in the house, be it your TV cabinet to the gaps in your couch. In fact, a very smart way to store a large number of things is to make a floor drawer. Just give a slight elevation to a certain section of your house, either for the sitting area or the dining space, and the elevation can be converted into a spacious drawer. Solid wood seaters with storage can also be used to store stuff like cushion covers and coasters while chests can be used as coffee tables.


Make sure you have large French windows in every room. They make the house look spacious and beautiful since they usually overlook the surroundings outside. Also, use colours like ivory white or beige, as they attract sunlight to make you home look visibly bigger.


Remove flower beds and accommodate them in the room, this will help proper utilisation of space, as walls use a considerable amount of space. You can either have a single chair hammock in the extension, that overlooks the surroundings or single cane baithaks that use less space.Moreover, you can also use it to store things that are less important like bills, envelopes, etc. by setting up vertical wall-mounted hydraulic drawers that take very less space and can be easily hidden behind side curtains.


One of the best ways to save space is to have a lot of foldable furniture in the house. Hydraulics is the solution; and it is the best option for those who face the challenge to accommodate more in less. From hydraulic beds with internal storage that can be folded to fit into a wardrobe, to foldable tables can be brought down whenever needed, you have several choices. In fact, these foldable furniture pieces, if properly made, can look extremely stylish.Although, it is mostly wrought iron that is used to design hydraulic furniture, considering it’s safe, wood, too, can be used to make lighter stuff like tables, etc.

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